A Thought of Open-sourcing

Posted at — Feb 27, 2022

Open-sourcing does not mean making your codes public so others can use them, it never did.

Instead, it means a chance that everyone can access and help.

Open-sourcing is a way of struggling that the idealists are using in this ridiculous world to reach their wishes. All the ideas shared through opening sources more or less contribute to a brighter and more diverse world.

To open source is to build up trust between you and the world. The project you build can be understood and trusted by people who see them and you gotta believe that what you have made can grow the second you made it open, with every issue being fixed and every proposal being handled.

Open-sourcing makes you think and reflect on what you are doing and what you have probably missed.

Open-sourcing is not just a software thing. It is about opening up minds. It is a rule-breaking play that everyone on this planet deserves to try, like writing blogs or sharing your handicrafts.

In all, open-sourcing is a right approach to a place that is worth living.

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